Apr 8, 2011

Australian WWII War Brides in the United States

Many Australian war brides may have heard the song The Bridal Train by The Waifs. It tells the story about Aussie gals from Perth taking a special train across Australia to the east coast to board the SS Mariposa to sail to the US to be with their US sailor and GI sweethearts. If you haven't heard it or seen the video please stop by YouTube to view it.
A theatre piece called The Bridal Train is currently under development in Brisbane, Australia.

The writers are seeking war brides who originate from Australia and travelled to the USA are willing to share their stories. These stories will be compiled into a script that will be performed for educational and entertainment purposes in 2012.

The Bridal Train began as a Griffith University performance as part of first year course work in 2007, and the positive responses from audience members and professional peers has encouraged them to continue the development of the piece. In the interest of historic accuracy they are seeking true stories from women who travelled from Australia to meet husbands and fiances in the USA.
The project deadline is 27 May 2011.

Please contact either Chelsea Thomas thomaschelsean@gmail.com in Brisbane or Michele of the American War Bride Experience website: uswarbrides@yahoo.com

Australian Citizenship for War Brides and their Children

Don't forget that the Australian Citizenship Act 2007 gives Australian-born war brides who lost their Australian citizenship by becoming US citizens before 4/4/2002 the right to apply to resume Australian citizenship now (and thereby become dual citizens).

US-born children of Australian-born war brides can now also apply for Australian citizenship by descent or special conferral. For further guidance, email the SCG.

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